The best parks in Arizona

Visit Arizona’s parks

Arizona has some of the most amazing scenery in America, along with some of our nation’s hottest temperatures.  There is no better place to be than at one of Arizona’s parks when the summer weather turns to fall. Here are our picks for the top three best parks in Arizona.

Grand Canyon National Park

How long has it been since you saw the Grand Canyon in person? Visit the park, and have your breath taken away all over again. This national treasure is 18 miles long and over a mile deep, and it justifiably deserves first place on our list.

Wupatki national monument

This park has five pueblos built from local sandstone by the ancient Pueblo people after the eruption of a nearby volcano in 1085. The visitor’s center has trail guides to help you navigate the park and learn more about this amazing treasure of American history.

Walnut Canyon

This visually striking long limestone cliff face is beautiful, and it was also once home to the Sinagua people, who lived in rooms which they excavated out of the face of the cliffs. The site was abandoned, no one really knows why, but the cave homes remain.

Image courtesy Flickr/cobalt123